CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co. CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater (CNMD0016WT)
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CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.
Manufacturer: CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.

Palo Alto, CA  94303
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CINEMOOD Storyteller is a super unique portable, the child-friendly projector that brings you safe, pre-loaded content for whenever and wherever your kids want to watch movies, cartoons, read digital books, and more. For adults, CINEMOOD offers top streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube directly in the app so you can stream your favorite videos anytime, anywhere. Going somewhere without WiFi? CINEMOOD has you covered, just download your favorites from Netflix or Amazon and watch it anywhere! Got your own content? No problem! CINEMOOD lets you watch it too. The best part about the CINEMOOD Storyteller is that it’s ready to entertain you anywhere and everywhere—try it out on that blank wall you never decorated, or lay back and watch a movie on your ceiling. Wherever you choose to view your content, CINEMOOD produces a bright, crisp picture that launches you into an engaging, transformative atmosphere. Need more ideas for using CINEMOOD? Play an audiobook and huddle around for bedtime stories, throw a pajama party and watch cartoons, invite your friends for a crafting party and view step by step directions on Youtube, or just see who can come up with the most creative shadow puppets!

Property Value
Model Number CNMD0016WT
Part Number
Discontinued False
Contents Cinemood, charging cords, rechargeable batteries and instructions.
MSRP (USD) 399
Weight (oz) 8
H x W x D (in) 3 x 3 x 3
Plug Type A ((NEMA 1–15) U.S.)
AM FM False
Clock False
Power AC: 120 (120 Volt),  Rechargable: Other
DVD CD False
Status True
Volume 0
Display 0
Remotes 0
Voltage 0
Woofers 0
Decoding AAC (AAC)
Speakers 2
Tweeters 0
Categories Electronics,  Television,  Home Theater
Networking Bluetooth: 4.0,  WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n)
Subwoofers 0
Cord Length 0
DVR Storage 16
Screen Size 100
Woofer Size 0
Audio In RCA 1
Audio In USB 1
Color Finish White
Display Type DLP
File Support AAC (AAC)
Refresh Rate 0
Tweeter Size 0
UHD Playback False
Audio In HDMI 0
Audio In Mini 0
Status Memory False
Video In HDMI 0
Audio In Phono 0
Interconnected False
Scenes Support True
Volume Control True
Audio Recording False
Operating Range 12 feet
Audio In Coaxial 0
Operating System Andriod: 5.0 (Lollipop),  iOS: 11 (Tigris)
Resolution Width 360
DVR Storage Units GB
Resolution Height 640
Watts Per Channel 2.5
Display Frame Rate 0
Display Resolution FHD
Facial Recognition False
Speaker Connections 0
Voice Command Support False
Portable True

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Cinemood - White

Cinemood - White
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