REMOOTIO Remootio 2 + Sensor + Power Adapter Multipack (Remootio 2)
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Garage Door Controller Garage Door Opener

Manufacturer: REMOOTIO
Address: Pipa utca 27/b
Dunakeszi, 2120, Hungary 
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Meet Remootio, the first end-to-end encrypted Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled smart remote controller, that lets you control and monitor your gates and garage doors using your smartphone. Simply connect Remootio to your gate or garage door using a pair of included cables and you will be able to control and monitor your gate or garage door from your smartphone or your smart home hub (such as Alexa or Google Home). Remootio works on three different wireless connections: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Internet. A Bluetooth connection gives you control of your gates even when WiFi is not available at your gates or when the internet service is down. A Wi-Fi connection offers control of your gates from anywhere within your house. In this mode, no data goes through the internet. And with an Internet connection, you can control and monitor your gates from anywhere in the world. Remootio is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and SmartThings so you can use voice commands to open or close your gates and garage doors. You can also add a personal phrase in the Remootio app and open or close your gates with Siri shortcuts. Use the Remootio apple watch app to control your gate from your wrist. You can easily share keys with family and friends or even Airbnb guests via QR code or via text message. (You can also use the messaging platform of any social media apps to share keys). Remootio allows you to grant or revoke access rights easily from the app. Users have full control over who has access to your gate or garage via Bluetooth, WiFi and Internet. (For example you can limit the gardener’s key to only work via Bluetooth.) Remootio can open the gates automatically as you approach them. The auto open feature uses geofencing (GPS based) and iBeacon (Bluetooth based) technologies. You can check whether your gate is open or closed from the Remootio app any time. You can also ask Alexa or Google home if your garage door is closed. Independently from whether you use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Remootio uses 256-bit authenticated end-to-end encryption between your smartphone and the Remootio device. Keys are not stored in a cloud, but in your Remootio device and your smartphone.

Property Value
Model Number Remootio 2
Part Number
Discontinued Yes
Contents Remootio unit, Sensor, Power Adapter (US type), Wires and double-sided adhesives for easy installation
MSRP (USD) 119
Weight (oz) 6.7
H x W x D (in) 2.12 x 2.12 x 0.78
Motor 0
Power AC: 120 (120 Volt)
Timer Yes
Zones 0
Keypad No
Lights 0
Lumens 0
Status Yes
Volume 0
Cameras 0
Display 0
Remotes 0
Voltage 5
Lockable Yes
Testable Yes
Auto Away Yes
Auto Lock Yes
Biometrix No
Event Log Yes
Categories Garage Door Controller,  Garage Door Opener
Networking WiFi: 802.11b (b),  WiFi: 802.11g (g),  WiFi: 802.11n (n),  Bluetooth: {Unknown}
Scheduling No
Auto Unlock Yes
Cord Length 4
Geolocation Yes
Microphones 0
Activity Log Yes
Color Finish White
Garage Doors 1
Guest Access 0
Smoke Sensor No
Code Capacity 20
IFTTT Applets No
Motion Sensor Yes
Notifications Yes
Pet Detection No
Status Memory Yes
Vacation Mode No
Indoor Outdoor Indoor
Interconnected No
Voice Platform Alexa,  Google Assistant,  Siri
Volume Control No
Open Door Alert Yes
Operating Range
Remote Shut Off Yes
Auto Close Timer No
Freeze Detection No
Microphone Range 0
Motion Activated Yes
Operating System Andriod: 5.0 (Lollipop),  iOS: 11 (Tigris),  watchOS: 4.0 (Fortune),  Machintosh: 11.0 (Big Sur)
Real Time Alerts Yes
Water Resistance No
Camera Frame Rate 0
Camera Resolution 0
Cord Length Units 56
Remote Monitoring Yes
Visual Indicators 0
Display Frame Rate 0
Obstruction Sensor Yes
Wire Configuration 2-Wire
Motion Sensor Range 0
Camera Field of View 0
Voice Command Support Yes
Remote Temperature Sensors 0
Portable Yes

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Remootio 2 + Sensor + Power Adapter Multipack

Remootio 2 + Sensor + Power Adapter Multipack
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